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Bath & Nail Trim - Includes a bath, blueberry or cranberry facial, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal glands expressed (when requested).

XS[$20] - S[$20-$25] - M[$25-$30] - LG[$30-$35] - No dogs over 90 pounds

Full Groom - Includes all of the above and hair styled. Prices vary on condition and length of coat.

XS[$25-$30] - S[$30-$35] - M[$40-$45] - LG[$50-$60] -
No dogs over 90 pounds and no large double coated breeds (huskies, malamutes, chow chows,shepherds, etc)

Mini Pawdicure - Includes a bubble bath paw soak, pawtector pad balm, paw trim and nail file.

[$20] or [$10] added to a bath or groom

Deluxe Pawdicure - Includes the benefits of the mini with the added luxury of pawzzazzed nails.

[$25] or [$15] added to a bath or groom

Mudd Bath - Designed to maintain healthy skin and a smooth, lustrous coat.
This treatment removes waste from deep inside pores that cannot be washed away with ordinary shampoo.

[$10-$15] added to a bath or groom

Sugar Scrub or Yogurt Soak - A soothing scrub and soak designed and recommended for those suffering from dander, yeasty and crusty skin.
This treatment also works well for dogs suffering from hot spots.

[$10-$15] added to a bath or groom

Aromatherapy - Great for nervous or high strung clients for a calm and soothing experience.

[$5] added to a bath or groom

Pampered Pooch - Hand massage bath, facial scrub, teeth brushing, mini pawdicure, soothing spa music, and aromatherapy.

[$10-$15] added to a bath or groom

Best In Show - Includes all of the benefits of the Pampered Pooch along with a deluxe pawdicure, and your choice of mud bath and a sugar scrub or yogurt soak.

[$20-$30] added to a bath or groom

Razzle Dazzle - Includes your choice of color or pawzzazz or both.

[$10-$25] added to a bath or groom

Nail Trim


Snoochy Booty Anal Glands Expressed


Poochy Sanitary Clip Including Face & Feet


Nail File


Ear Plucking & Cleaning


Pawzzazz Nail Paint Designs


Temporary Chalk or Tattoo


De-Shedding Treatment
A vigorous removal of undercoat to reduce shedding. Greatly reduces shedding when done on a monthly schedule.

[$10-$20] with a bath or a groom

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